Who am I?
I am an English trainer with 15 years‘ experience in working with groups and individuals in a vocational setting. I have a background in art and education, but have worked in a great variety of situations.
My knowledge and interests are very broad; ranging from business communication to environmental and international development issues. Besides business English, I also enjoy teaching English for very practical subjects such as construction, engineering, manufacturing, crafts, and, of course art and design.
For me, it is a pleasure to draw on my own experiences and interests in order to help my clients acquire the knowledge of English they need for their working lives.

What is my background?
In England, I studied painting (BA Fine Art, Sunderland, 1981), education (Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Brighton, 1983) and Art History (MA, Essex, 1990) and between 1983 and 1988 taught art and design in state secondary schools. I also worked as a freelance designer and as a research assistant for local government.

Since 1995 I have been working full-time as an English trainer for adults, specializing in business and vocational needs. I led courses for the Bildungswerk für Friedensarbeit in Bonn for more than 10 years. I have taught for InWEnt and other German international development organizations since 2006. During my time as an English trainer I have taught for a number of large international companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Zurich Versicherung, Deutsche Post and TNT, but also for many small and medium size firms involved in laser manufacturing, solar power production, civil engineering, machine manufacturing and marketing.